BurgerSwap x Alpaca City | NFT Airdrop & Extra NFT Mining Rewards!

Dear Burger Flippers,

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Alpaca City, a miracle city where DeFi meets Alpaca NFTs, to bring both communities with great rewards by co-launching a series of campaigns.

During the first week of Alpaca Squad Farm launch on Binance Smart Chain, players will be able to earn BURGER token as a bonus reward in addition to ALPA token when they use the Alpaca Squad Farm feature. For those of you who don’t know, Alpaca Squad Farm is a feature which allows users to stake in their Alpaca NFTs to earn ALPA.

Alpaca City will be live on Binance Smart Chain on December 3rd, 6am PST with a 5,000-Alpaca-NFTs airdrop. Here is how you can participate as a BurgerSwap user:

Join the Airdrop by completing the tasks below by December 3rd, 6am PST:

  1. Follow @burger_swap and @CityAlpaca on Twitter.
  2. Join https://t.me/burgerswap and https://t.me/AlpacaCity
  3. RT the Tweet and tag three friends
  4. Provide at least $1 of liquidity to any trading pair on BurgerSwap
  5. Fill out this Google form

Users who have completed all tasks will be eligible to claim one FREE Alpaca NFT on https://bsc.alpaca.city on December 3rd, 6am PST. Please note that the airdrop is first come first serve basis and there will be only 5,000 NFTs available. Be sure to claim yours on time.

Swappin’ Burgers on Binance Smart Chain at https://burgerswap.org/

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