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To thank the community users for their support, BurgerSwap and Binance have together committed $10,000 in BURGER as prizes to give away to our communities.

Promotion period: 2021/01/12 08:00–2021/01/19 08:00 (HKT)

Please fill in the form here to claim your rewards:

Promotion A: NEW USER Exclusive Rewards, $ 4,600 in BURGER to be Won!

All users that register a new Binance account during the competition period and trade $500 in BURGER or more (spot & margin, buys & sells) will each win a reward of $5 in BURGER. …

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Today, BurgerSwap is glad to announce that we have reached a strategic partnership with Bscex, whose unique technology of Cross Liquidity Layer 2 utilizes the liquidity of the popular AMMs on BSC to provide better liquidity and yield-farming services for crypto traders and yield farmers. The depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income in the form of BSCX tokens.

Burgerswap and BSCex Ecosystem share the vision of making DeFi and its services accessible for anyone interested in the crypto industry. …

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You may have noticed that the Fast Food Alliance didn’t have a Black Friday sale. The reason? Well, we don’t sell, but only “Giveaway” during this joyful season.

With a grateful heart, BurgerSwap, together with Coke, 7up, and Fry.World are excited to announce that the upcoming Fast Food Christmas Carnival which will be co-presented by DEGO. No secrets, no hacks, no tricks, and no gimmicks. Only free meal at the Fast Food Christmas Carnival!

Initiated by BurgerSwap, the Fast Food Alliance is a group of Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi projects coming together with the common mission of adding use cases…

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BurgerSwap, a BSC-based DEX is excited to announce that it has swapped 10 million of the total supply of BURGER, its platform token, from BSC to Ethereum. The issuance of ERC20 BURGER aims to expand the adoption scenario of BurgerSwap and better connect Ethereum and BSC DeFi ecosystems.

Another exciting piece of news is that ERC20 BURGER will go live on its first crypto exchange — Mexo. Mexo is a top crypto exchange in Mexico and one of the main exchanges in Latin Americawith more than 59 trading pairs and 48 tokens. The ERC20 Burger/USDT pair is live now:


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Dear Burger Flippers,

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Alpaca City, a miracle city where DeFi meets Alpaca NFTs, to bring both communities with great rewards by co-launching a series of campaigns.

Campaign 1: Earn BURGER as special bonus during the first week of Alpaca Squad Farm BSC Launch

During the first week of Alpaca Squad Farm launch on Binance Smart Chain, players will be able to earn BURGER token as a bonus reward in addition to ALPA token when they use the Alpaca Squad Farm feature. For those of you who don’t know, Alpaca Squad Farm is a feature which allows users to stake in their Alpaca NFTs to earn ALPA.

Campaign 2: Alpaca City BSC 5,000 NFT Airdrop for BurgerSwap Users

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With only a few hours or minutes left to Halloween (depending in which time zone you are) we are excited to announce our Halloween NFT campaign with special BurgerSwap Halloween NFT’s to be earned.

We have created an exclusive series of 299 BurgerSwap Halloween NFT’s on the Binance Smart Chain for you!

  • 133 BurgerSwap Halloween Common NFT’s
  • 100 BurgerSwap Halloween Rare NFT’s
  • 66 BurgerSwap Halloween SuperRare NFT’s

In this Halloween NFT Campaign we will reward liquidity providers with NFT’s, which we will airdrop in your wallets.

But you also need to share some creepiness on Twitter, with the hashtag #BurgerSwapNFT…

BurgerSwap उपयोगकर्ता पुस्तिका

क) बर्गरवाप के लिए Metamask स्थापित करें

ख) BNB BEP20 को से जमा करें

ग) BurgerSwap पर burger के लिए BNB स्वैप करें

घ) Burger / BNB पूल के लिए तरलता प्रदान करें

क) Binance स्मार्ट चेन के लिए Metamask स्थापित करे:

१. अपने Chrome ब्राउज़र के लिए Metamask डाउनलोड करें।

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२. अपने MetaMask बटुए में Binance स्मार्ट चेन जोड़े, बस इन चरणों का पालन करें:

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In diesem Artikel stellen wir euch einige Grundlagen vor, um auf BurgerSwap traden zu können.

Wir erklären euch vier grundlegende Abläufe die jeder Nutzer von BurgerSwap kennen sollte.

  1. Einrichtung von MetaMask zur Benutzung von BurgerSwap
  2. Einzahlung von BNB BEP20 von
  3. Swap bzw. Tauschen von BNB zu Burger auf BurgerSwap
  4. Bereitstellung von Liquidität in einem Burger/BNB Pool

1. Einrichtung von Metamask zur Benutzung von BurgerSwap

Download MetaMask für deinen Chrome Browser.

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We are excited to announce the establishment of the Fast Food Alliance ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain today!

With the establishment, the Fast Food Alliance we welcome the first two members of the Alliance: Fry.World and

Initiated by BurgerSwap, the Fast Food Alliance is a group of Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi projects coming together with the common mission of adding use cases and boosting the development of BSC DeFi ecosystem.


Within two months since the establishment of Binance Smart Chain, its user volume increased to nearly 26,000 with 4,000 on average daily. Thanks to its excellent performance, high speed…

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В этой статье мы предоставим вам основы использования платформы Burger Swap для торговли.

Мы обсудим 4 основных вида деятельности, о которых должен знать каждый пользователь.

1. Настройка MetaMask для обмена BurgerSwap

2. Депозит BNB BEP20 от

3. Своп BNB на BURGER из BurgerSwap поменять

4. Обеспечить ликвидность для BURGER/BNB бассейн

1. Настройка MetaMask для Binance Smart Chain

  1. Скачайте MetaMask для Вашего браузера Chrome.


Swappin’ Burgers on Binance Smart Chain at

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